Music the Source of the Life Force


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Since humans first walked this Earth we have been banging inanimate objects and noticing tonal harmonies in all that we do. Music evokes such a deep rooted emotion in us, connecting with our inner being on an infinite number of levels.

From the depths of depression to the awesome high of life itself there is a music which can touch us in a profound manner at every single step of the way.

Someone once said to me “I don’t like music” … I simply couldn’t fathom this concept of actually not liking music. I could obviously see how one could dislike a certain type of music but to not like any music at all was a totally alien idea to me.

Are you a lucky one  growing up,  tasted those  “60′s generation” parents and all that hippy stuff, along with a fine selection of very early blues, reggae, jazz and some really raw grooves which have all but been lost to our super fickle modern generation? Or maybe your  Father owned one of the first copies of the first 45 from a label named Chess. Worth a fortune now no doubt.  Does  Music has always been a big part of your life?

So why does music reach us at this most basic level? What is it about the human being that makes us crave this “soul food”? Well, music is a multifaceted means of communication. It is possible through music to create all the acoustic features that we use in our everyday language. Furthermore, these acoustic features can be generated in a very definite way. This makes it possible for composers to reach us at our most primeval state, simply by structuring the music according to predefined patterns.

The most basic musical element that we respond to is a rhythmical beat or pulse. If you need proof of this then notice how a newborn baby will begin to rock or move to the beat without prompting. This is the human instinct naturally reacting to a rhythm, the roots of which are deeply embedded in all of us. This is the case whether you like music or not.

The next level of musical recognition is the conscious awareness of the interval between certain vibrations or frequencies. In other words the musical scale. It was not long before humans realized that certain notes work together and certain notes do not – harmonious sequences and discordant sounds.

In fact, not all that long ago a discordant sound was associated with the work of the dark demon because it made the listener feel quite uncomfortable. These days we have moved on with many modern jazz musicians purposefully using discordant sounds – something which horrifies the purists.

One level up from the musical scale is the combination of many different types of musical instrument. This is what we know today as pop music, orchestral music and many other genres. It pleases us when we hear harmonious combinations of many different types of instrument. These chords and harmonious sequences connect with us at our most basic level. It is these musical progressions which can evoke such strong emotions in all of us.

To this day, there are no generally accepted definitions of this musical complexity at a logical and objective level. Many people report that when they hear a piece of music they really like and which touches them emotionally they will feel the hairs on their arms stand on end or what you often heard goose bumps? This is hardly a scientific observation but is one of the only indicators we have telling us when somebody is emotionally moved by piece of music.

To be perfectly honest, maybe the scientists should just leave it alone – I believe some things were not meant to be explained. Music is music and it makes us feel the way we do because of some ancient connection handed down from generation to generation. The best thing to do with music is just enjoy it!

Without music the world would indeed be a very dull place.

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Good Music Means Joyful Heart



Music has been an inevitable part of our day to day life. Be it the chirping of birds, babbling of babies or the rhythm of nature you will find music everywhere. When you listen and hear sweet music tunes you are left behind with the weaving magic of one of its kind.

It is around 50,000 years back that music has evolved and now it seems to be an integral part of our body and soul. Music plays a great role in our lives:

It has been found in a research that children listening to music are more likely to become engineers, doctors and computer professionals because of the fact that music learning develops certain important areas of the brain responsible for reasoning and language. Therefore, it is also known for sharpening memory of an individual.

A child who has taken birth from the womb of a mother who had listened music is much intelligent than others.

Music is used widely in many therapeutic purposes so as to heal mental problems and other learning disabilities in a person. It also heals diseases such as hypertension, brain trauma and provides relaxation during stress.

It teaches a person how to coordinate, self express himself, work in a team, and follow discipline.

Even plants are known to thrive towards music as they too respond to sound in the same way as a human does.

Music brings a devotee closer to his god and this is the reason why religious hymns lifts up heaviness of the mind and frees the soul.

It is also used for meditative properties used for training, healing, exercising and releasing tensions.

People perform better when music is played because it erases the mental tension and introduces lightness in the body.

Music and songs have always captured feelings, passions, agony, and distress more efficiently during love and romance.

It is also used by scientists to map behavior and functions of the human mind.

Classical music is known to soothe and open the channels of the mind whereas rock music sets your pulses to racing and chants can send you to trace. The future of music business has also taken manifolds in the recent times due to these advantages. Music has different effects upon various human beings depending upon the use.

The Amazing Value of Listening to Good Music

1) It develop a certain areas of the brain responsible for reasoning and language

2) Memory sharpen

3) It provides therapeutic healing to the heart & brain connectivity

4) Best relaxation method for a stressed mode

5) Can be understood by the whole universe, Even plants are known to thrive towards music as they too respond to sound in the same way as a human does

6) It teaches a person how to coordinate, express himself, work in a team & follow discipline

7) Music brings a devotee closer to his god and this is the reason why religious hymns lifts up heaviness of the mind and frees the soul. It is also used for meditative properties used for training, healing, exercising and releasing tensions.

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Feeding Your Soul with Good Music



Music is said to be the food of the soul. There is nothing more swaying and gratifying than good music. Soothing music heals the mind. Entertainment will not get completed without music and playing of your favorite music and songs changes your tension filled mind right away to a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind. If you compose a piece of really nice music you need to write it down so that you can remember and other people will also be able to play it too.

Music is said to be the food of the soul. There is nothing more swaying and gratifying than good music. Soothing music heals the mind. Entertainment will not get completed without music and playing of your favorite music and songs changes your tension filled mind right away to a more relaxed and tranquil state of mind. If you compose a piece of really nice music you need to write it down so that you can remember and other people will also be able to play it too.

Live music is favored at parties and events. Live music entertainment consists of classical music, Jazz, Swing, World music, period music of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s and performed by artists who haven’t made it big and classical music consists of quintet, quartet, trio, duo and solo.

Whether it is a birthday party, wedding reception, a private party or a corporate party, live music is a must if you are not hiring a DJ to mix songs for you. The choice of songs and music may be limited with a live music performance, but it is the limited selected songs and music, which makes the band endearing to people. DJs would charge 25% – 50% of what a live music performing band charges. However, the charm of live music is something that is enticing if one can afford it.

Some live music performing bands capture and reproduce the tone of music that were not recorded properly by the ingenuous recording machines of the 50‘s and the 60’s. Performances of live music can be known on any instrument as a piano, guitar, keyboard, harpoon, flute, trumpet, saxophone and the jazz set.

Music is intimately related to the subliminal mind because it blends our emotions. Perhaps you can recall listening to a jingle and finding the tune and the advertising slogan replaying in your mind over and over, even if you disliked the jingle. It just trapped into your mind. Hypnosis is another prevailing trait of music.

One of the main reasons for using music for self-hypnosis is to help you maintain mental and emotional focus on your outcome. The music that helps to elicit within you emotions which are appropriate for your self-hypnosis outcome, will take care of the focus. Your intention can then ride of the wave of music, making focusing an effortless process.

Music has quite a lot of advantages despite serious reductions in subsidy for arts programs in public schools, there is a great need for studying music. Band, orchestra, and choir all offer students a chance to work together in a social and intellectual group setting and excel at complex tasks. The deception for parents is to enroll their children in high quality programs and aid them in procuring high quality instruments.

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Meditation-Impossible without Music


Since music will have a great effect on our emotions, it has been always used as an important part of meditation. We will often listen to music, although it depends on our moods. We will always look for listening to positive music or sentimental type of music when we are in a miserable mood. On the other hand, pop and rock music is all that we look when our body is completely recharged with energy.

Hence, it is obvious that all sorts of meditations are incomplete without a touch of music. You would have already come across many situations where you would have seen that meditation is always accompanied with a touch of music, especially spiritual music. The spiritual music that they make use of will depend according to the kind of meditation whether it is related to temples, churches, monks, om or chanting etc, and relevant music will be chosen to boost up the energy while meditating.

You will of course find a type of music for any type of moods. For instance, an upbeat song for happy mood, a romantic song for romantic mood, a spiritual song for spiritual mood or meditation, and also cool and unique songs to wake up. In fact, music will also constitute a source of relaxation. A lot of people have also overcome stress successfully with the help of music.

It is obvious that the effect while listening to meditation music will differ according to each individual. For instance, most of the people will achieve a peace of mind through calm sounds, especially that created by the nature. On the other hand, some people will experience the same effect while listening to some musical instruments. Some will also gain the peace of mind by listening to God song mp3. However, one will of course find one or the other type of music to gain a peace of mind.

Since your mind is completely calmed down while listening to music, you will of course be able to concentrate or remain focused on a single topic for maximum time. Soft tempo music is also recommended to slow down the breath rate and experience a proper breathing.

Basically, it is always recommended to listen to music for at least twenty minutes everyday to freshen up our mind. Over 90% of those who are quite dedicated to meditation have used music as a part of it, especially to calm down their nerves and to lower their stress.

It is advised for people suffering with high blood pressure to listen to a soothing affect relaxing song, as it could naturally help reduce the blood pressure. Problems, heartaches may diminish gradually as the people will be concentrating on the rhythm of music during meditation.

You would have also come across many people who find really difficult to concentrate on a topic when they are surrounded by some noisy locations. Beautiful music along with meditation will surely help to gain beautiful mind and it will also help people to concentrate on any particular task although they are surrounded by noisy locations.

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Why Music is Important –Top Reasons


As you know, there will be no one who does not love music. In fact, music is everywhere and our whole world is pervaded by music. The importance and the power of music are experienced by everyone. However, only few are aware of the reasons why music has that much power and influence in an individual’s life. In order to realize why music boasts itself with that kind of power and importance, please go through the following article.

The top reasons why music is important are as follows:

First of all, music is universal. No matter, which is your culture and what is the language that you are using to interact with others, music is a common thing that will touch your feelings. A universal community is created with the help of positive music and songs as it brings people from different culture and region together.

Healthy or wellness songs will inspire and will evoke the emotion of an individual in a healthy way. Our emotional being is touched and our mood is evoked by music. In fact, those feelings, which are quite difficult to be express can also be easily expressed with the help of music. In addition, if one is suffering from a difficult mood, then a good song for heart can help them to overcome from such a mood. On the other hand, good song can also convert your mood into a joyful, hopeful, peaceful loving heart.

An inspiring song is the best way to make the learning process as enjoyable. As far as the scientists are concerned, they have said that the functionality of human brain will be enhanced when a person is enjoying a good song for mind. In fact, many brain functions such as memory, sight, hearing, imagination as well as motor control etc, are simultaneously used when a person is enjoying beautiful music.

Ambiance is perfectly created by music. For those who are really wishing to enhance the interesting situation in any environment, abundant song or music is the only best option available. If you are out there to arrange a party, just make sure that you have considered right music according to the party.

For instance, if you have planned to hangout with your entire family with a family get-together, then make sure that you have arranged all sources to enjoy family music. On the other hand, if the program is to praise the God’s grace, then it always good to consider God song mp3 or spiritual songs or music. When you are celebrating a romantic party, just make sure that there is a touch of good romantic music.

Music is also the perfect way to celebrate the spirituality. An inspirational music will surely grab one to be inspirational to the spirit. No matter which is the religion, music is the only common option that is considered to express the spiritual values. The spirit is uplifted in all religions with the help of music.

Therefore, it is obvious that the life of an individual is incomplete without music.

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Amazing Different Benefits When You Listen to Various Sounds of Music



Have you ever experienced the experience when sitting somewhere and have marveled at how quiet the environment is? Acutely, you are aware of the sounds because is very much unusual to be without any noise, the noise that we hear from traffic, machines, planes or any other sources of sound. When exposure to most of the noises continuously will lead to irritation and can cause stress as well and sometimes will lead to permanent hearing loss.

All of us know that human brain is modified by all types of sounds. The brain waves between 14 and 20 Hz are common. Music with 8 to 13Hz will make soothing effect on us and we will be able to achieve lucid awareness or relaxation. Even the researchers have found that we will respond to music because our bodies like music and it is rhythmic as well.

Our heartbeat, breathing and some other parts of the body has some of the intrinsic rhythm. People get invigorated with certain music while some other melodies will calm them down. While some other music will make you asleep and some others will keep you awake.

Music is a kind of instrument which can be used to make people to move at higher speeds and slow them down, will be used to encourage them to shop for longer time, persuade them to take some actions and also will help to relax. One of the recent researches have found that the exposure to music will help the people to improve their mental skills as well.

Einstein loved to listen to the tune of violin and he believed that the music helped his subconscious mind in order solve many problems. Endurance and energy can be boosted with the help of live music.

It is been found that teenagers associated with music will never do much trouble to others. Teenagers associated with the music will get engaged with their band, play their favorite music or else gets into singing so that they will have their work in the field of music.

Playing the music in the shop will make lots of people stay in the shop so that it will convert into sales and the store can get higher sales. People trying to concentrate on one thing will have to listen to the easy-paced and light music as this will help to improve the stability in order to memorize the facts.

In order to determine the defects in you, you have to listen to various kinds of music. The tempo of God song mp3, amazing music, beautiful mind, beautiful music, spiritual song/music, gospel song/music, music for the heart and other kinds of music will have the feeling of peace and also will help a person to cope up with the emotional and physical pain. In southern India farmers believe that sounds of buzzing insects and humming birds will guarantee the sprouting of sugarcane.

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Music-The Effects on your Mood

  • Winnersday_CD_Face_Art

    There are various things such as beats, tones, melodies, rhythms, and upbeats etc, which make a good musical composition. You may be interested in listening to any type of music like romantic songs, happy songs, sad music, rock songs, spiritual songs and more. In fact, music can be considered as a kind of expressions, where the artists will express their feelings with the help of music composition.

    All songs, which you listen to, will be written by various music artists i.e. when they are angry, sad, happy or in any other mood. However, the fact here is that the mood of an individual will be affected by various kinds of songs that he or she often listens.

    For those who are sad, it is always advised to have a happy time by listening to some upbeats or cool and unique songs in order to get your mood tuned around. On the other hand, for those who are angry, rock music is recommended for releasing their feelings. Looking deeper into rock music, both fast tempos as well as loud guitar could be a good option to cool your angry mood.

    In case if you are in a romantic mood, spend an evening with the person you love accompanied with some good romantic songs such as love songs and soft ballads. In fact, one can also overcome issues and simply have a great entertaining time with the help of right music.

    Of course music is a simple form that anyone can find to have a great entertaining time. Your will really enjoy a beautiful mind when you start your day with a good awakening song or music.

    As mentioned before, since the mood of an individual is affected by music, it is always good to listen to some energy boosting healthy songs in the morning such that we can be active throughout the day. When it comes to night hours, since you will be quite stressed of your busy day schedule, you can enjoy a peace of mind when you listen to some slow song for mind.

    There are various reasons why music has been played in various environments. For instance, it is played to have fun at parties; it is played to dance in schools, to encourage the sportsmen in the sporting events, to get rid of a boring time when one is in home and also to enjoy the driving as well.

    People who are busy traveling to different parts of the world will not feel the heat of driving when they are enjoying right music for heart. In fact, one will really have a die hard time while sitting in a car without a radio or music system. When the radio is on, you can really have a great time by tuning to your favorite music show. In addition to these, you will also find people enjoy a spiritual song or joyful music while cleaning their house. No matter whether it is a day or night, music can still set an entertaining tone for those who look for music.

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How Can Music Influence the Functioning of Mind


Only few people have wondered about the fact that music is something more than just an attractive sound created by playing various instruments or following the rhythm. In fact, it is also something related to thinking or mind perception.

Well, if you look much deeper into music, it is nothing but the outcome of the mind efforts of various artists. It is obvious that your ears play an important role while listening to music. However, when you research which is the part of our body, which is greatly influenced by music, you will end up realizing the answer that it is nothing but our mind. In fact, each function of our mind is influenced to a great extent by music.

It is obvious that each musician will put in extra efforts in order to come up with some everlasting tunes. In fact, no matter whether it is a spiritual music or a healthy music, he will try his best to make the composition good to be listened to even in future.

This is how great musical compositions are actually made. Well, the job of the musician is all done here. Later, it would be the common people just like you, who will really have a great time listening to such compositions. In fact, you can also find some people who have come up with their own tunes after listening to music composed by some great musicians. Hence, music leads to creativity, which is one of the major functions of human brain.

No matter whether it is a spiritual song or a love ballad, musicians will of course think deeply and will put their mind and heart together and finally they will end up giving rise to beautiful music. Those people who are listening to these songs will think in such a way that they themselves have created these songs.

However, music also affects our senses as well. The reason is the entire stress in our body will be thrown out when we listen to a good song for mind or good song for heart.

Whenever we are out there listening to a good song for heart and mind, we will of course start imagining the lyrics of our own. This is for a reason that a good lyrics song will take control of our each and every action when we are listening busy listening to it.

You would have come across many people listening to the same song again and again. This is because our mind receptors will create the addiction of our favorite beats and thereby, we tend to listen to our favorite song for maximum number of times. These are the proven facts for how our mind functions have been influenced by music.

In olden days, people believed that a baby, which reacts while listening to music is more intelligent compared to the baby, which does not react while listening to music. In fact, music itself is creativity. Therefore, it is really important to consider listening to music.


Whatever music or songs you will choose and listen to, remember Winnersday Wellness Songs…


Creating music that can make a difference

Life with Music


In our life, music will play one of the important roles. Music gives life to our soul as the food does to the body. Music will become the voice of heart when plain words will fall short in order to express the feelings

Firstly, the music was introduced to use by our mothers and she is our beloved musician. The lullabies that were sung by our mothers when we were kids in what ever language, tune or note have been a delight our ears always. It is the melody that will be playing forever in our mind.

Music will keep on changing as everything in the life keeps on changing. Music changes with both the technology and time as well. From rock to jazz, from rock to that of hip-hop and a lot of other fusions in between, the music has evolved a lot. Together along with the evolution of music is the greatest advancement of technologies in delivering the music correctly.

The technologies and the gadgets that we use has brought the music very near to us. Gone are the days that in order to enjoy the music, we had to go to a place where the music is played. People started to enjoy the music at the comfort of the home with the help of radio.

The evolution of various music gadgets has come a very long way. With the advent of modern music gadgets, music would not have been available in this quantity and quality as well. Right now, music is found in every corner of the world.

Always, the musical industry has been very much lucrative because people spend the money readily on the musical experience. Various studies have even shown that music is very much important and is very much part of music.

Music reaches the human ear in various different ways. It can come in the form of an encouragement to any sportsperson and any kind of dreamer so that it will make the people who have fell down to standup and run to their goals. How would be the life without a song behind the couple and thus we’re flooded with so much of love songs.

Thrill of listening to all kinds of songs such as new and the old ones that are newly made and due to the arrival of the new musicians who would want to make a great mark in the music industry has to kept the music industry alive always.

People will never make a hesitation to buy a good music and will indulge always in buying the tickets for a live show and also in downloading the music from internet and to play in the mp3 players that are available.


A person can hold all types of music such as devotional or God mp3 songs, soothing music, self development songs and many other songs so that he will be able to listen the songs depending upon the type of environment so that he can have soothing effect on his mind.

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Good Music for the Heart-To Help Overcome Depression

Winnersday_CD_Face_ArtSince the world has witnessed some great advancement in terms of technology these days, the first thing that flashes the mind of people when they are quite depressed is antidepressants or other sorts of medications that are exclusively available for depression.

Yes, of course medication is one of the fastest ways to overcome stress, but remember that it is an artificial way of overcoming depression. If you are quite knowledgeable, then you would of course consider some other option rather than going with antidepressants or other depression medications.

However, as per the reports of recent researches that were exclusively carried out on depression, it has been proved that music is one of the best ways for overcoming depression. One can really look forward to improve a depressed mood by listening to right type of music. In fact, tests are still being carried out in order to determine how music is helping people to get rid of their depression.

For your kind information, a person will be affected in a positive way only after listening to positive music or song. In fact, the mood of each person will be affected in a different way by the same music. The right music for the mind or heart will be varying according to the individual.

On the other hand, a good lyrics song will have a great impact compared to that with not so good lyrics. The reason is that there are also possibilities wherein the individual listening to music will be picking up the lyrics subconsciously.

In other words, the effectiveness of the music will vary according to the type of depression that one is going through. In order to make the music therapy to work better, it is always good to consider the song with soft music and meaningful lyrics.

Tests also have proved that any calming music such as spiritual music and healthy songs will really work in calming up the heart rate of a person and hence their mind will also be calmed up and can overcome the agitated state.

Music has all power to make a person happy, cool, calm, or even aggressive. It all depends on the person the type of music that a person chooses. Therefore, it is very much important to look for a song or look for music that will have a positive impact in our life.

In other words, music therapy could or could not work for everyone. There are people who believe that music therapy will help in overcoming the depression and there are also people, especially those who are closeminded, who think music is of absolutely no use when it comes to getting rid of depression.

However, if you are quite used to internet, you would have come across many people saying that they were really able to get rid of depression with the help of music, especially listening to a God song mp3 or other spiritual song. Therefore, if you also get depressed often, then please consider music as a solution.

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